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i love music YOU love music


fav albums: Repetition and Fake Train

fav song: Dragalus - Fake Train

they're along the same lines as Fugazi


fav album: Bivouac

fav song: Parabola - Bivouac

their later albums are more mellow

The Garden

fav albums: Haha and Mirror Might Steal Your Charm

fav song: Thy Mission (honorable mentions: OC93, X in the Dirt, Gift, Clay, Egg)

their side projects are Enjoy and Puzzle

Bad Brains

fav albums: Bad Brains and Black Dots

fav song: Don't Bother Me - Black Dots (honorable mentions: Banned in DC, I Against I)

popular opinions, i know, but consider this:

Elvis Costello

fav album: Armed Forces

fav song: (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea - This Year's Model (honorable mentions: Accidents Will Happen, Watching the Detectives)

i like the attractions the best

Number Girl

fav album: Sappukei

fav song: Tattoo Ari


fav album: Milo Goes to College

fav song: Suburban Home - Milo Goes to College (honorable mentions: Myage, Hope, My World, I'm Not a Loser)

not really too fond of anything newer than everything sucks

Dead Kennedys

fav album: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

fav song: California Uber Alles - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (honorable mention: Police Truck, Moon Over Marin)

fav album:

fav song: